4 The City

By Johnny 4 The City

I have this recurring dream of waking up in the middle of a hot summer night to the mumbling sound of traffic and sirens

I struggle to open my eyelids only to find myself  amidst a blurry haze of somebody else’s life scattered around a large apartment

The noise seems to be leaking inside the bedroom and onto the checkered floor through a half open window of this tall glass building

Riding the cool current of a soothing summer night breeeze, climbing up my bed and running across my back, it slowly made its way into my ears

And underneath all that noise I suddenly heard it whisper my name, calling me to the window

Dragging my tired body in front of the large window I tried to keep my balance by putting my hand on the wall. Its cold surface electrocuted me, instantly waking me up from my lethargic state

Looking down through the window, realising how high up in the air I was standing, I finally saw where all these sounds where coming from

There was life down there

All that noise had been evaporating from a city  lying down there, wide awake, boiling with life

Slowly rising up through the air, climbing up these glass walls, looking for me, reaching my bedroom, leaking in through the cracks late at night

Yes, there was definitely life down there

A complex network of neurons of streets seemed to be extending across a city thickened with concrete and steel

A heart pumping life to an elaborate system of neon stripes of veins, racing through town

Carrying signals, transmitting, connecting, overlapping

Spreading amongst tall towers of glass that were reflecting flickering colourful lights, while bouncing off sounds, voices and life

I could see her concrete chest breathing, slowly rising up and down

Her heartbeat whispered my name

I placed my hand on the cool glass and felt the city’s pulse beating against my window, calling me down there where she lay breathing, waiting for me

Looking down upon the city I can see her staring back up at me

Calling me

Waiting for me to climb down there and drown myself in her bosom

4 The City

Created: Jan 26, 2010


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