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“An important part of that understanding is knowing who we are and what we can do...”

-Howard Gardener


Moses grew up alone. No family, no friends, no life. He stole out of necessity, not because he was a bad person, but because he had to survive. One day, while “survivin’” he heard an explosion not too far from him, from what seemed to be the famous St. Miangelo’s mansion. He decides to check it out the next morning. As he travels there, he notices that the closer he gets, the more he believes that he is supposed to be there. While looting the house he comes across a crying and bandaged 6-yr-old boy in the closet, who describes his parents as only being, “gone”. While questioning the boy, the authorities come in and try to take the boys away. The rookie cop responds hastily to Moses’s standoffish attitude and accidently discharges his weapon with the bullet going in the kid’s direction and Moses is the first to react by jumping out of the way, until he realizes the cops can’t move and the bullet is still in mid-air. Confused, but with no hesitation, he grabs the boy and jumps out the window into the pool and they make a run for it. Eventually, the two grow closer, Moses acting as an older brother/ father-figure towards the boy and even naming him Kno, because of his huge head full of knowledge and fact that his brain is exposed. Months go by as the pair begins to grow closer until Moses notices a girl who seems to always be around them.  Moses becomes suspicious of the girl and decides to confront her.  As he does, he is drugged by to mysterious men and both Moses and Kno are abducted. They discover that they are on a remote island named Niet Snie, where “The Alumni” reside. There they are introduced to the different forms of intelligence, where they fit in, and ultimately their purpose there.





Moses- an 18-yr-old, African-American, orphan-boy who roams the streets of the city. He has been alone ever since he could remember. When he was younger and in an orphanage, he got into a fight with a bully who would always pick on him. He discovered while fighting the bully, which his body seemed to know exactly how to react in the fight, even though his mind didn’t know how he was doing it exactly. He ended up critically hurting the boy and ran away to avoid getting in trouble. From then on, he learned how to control this “ability” of his and use it to survive, becoming completely independent. However, he deeply wants more than anything to be a part of a family.

Kno- a 6-yr-old orphan, who Moses accidently discovered. He is described as having a head that is larger than normal, in which his brain is clearly visible through glass plating. He is from an upper middle German family with his mom being a successful scientist and father a veteran fighter pilot. What caused Kno to become an orphan and where his parents are a complete mystery before he is introduced. He becomes attached to Moses after he saves Kno from accidently being shot by an amateur cop, its gets to the point where Kno begins to refer to Moses as his “brother-father”.

Cerebelle- A mysterious girl around Moses’s age who seems to always be near the two orphans. She is described by Moses as being, “extraordinarily beautiful” with reddish-yellow eyes and this makes Moses extremely suspicious of her. It happens that just as Moses is going to finally confront her, he and Kno are jumped and drugged by a bunch of men in white suits. Moses is so sure of her involvement that he pleads for her to release Kno before succumbing to the drugs. The last thing he sees is her are her eyes smiling at him.

“The Alumni”- The name of the organization that captures Moses and Kno. At first, Moses is wary of the shadowy people who’ve been “kidnapping” people like them since the Sumerian times.


Types of Intellgence and abilities

No one type of intelligence is better, stronger, or important than any other.


That this intelligence also includes a sense of timing, a clear sense of the goal of a physical action, along with the ability to train responses so they become like reflexes. They often learn best by doing something physically, rather than by reading or hearing about it. Those with strong bodily-kinesthetic intelligence seem to use what might be termed muscle memory - they remember things through their body such as verbal memory.

Fighters- Stronger than most with fast reflexes and have abnormally good balance.

Weakness: Only when danger actively threatening them personally.


People with a high musical intelligence normally have good pitch and may even have absolute pitch, and are able to sing, play musical instruments, and compose music. Since there is a strong auditory component to this intelligence, those who are strongest in it may learn best via lecture. Language skills are typically highly developed in those whose base intelligence is musical. In addition, they will sometimes use songs or rhythms to learn. They have sensitivity to rhythm, pitch, meter, tone, melody or timbre.

Hypnists- They can make you do things that they want you to do, which is commonly referred to as an “auditory inception”. Can also inspire and certain can turn sound waves to weapons.

Weakness: Needs to be heard to have ANY effect.


They are characterized by their sensitivity to others' moods, feelings, temperaments and motivations, and their ability to cooperate in order to work as part of a group. They communicate effectively and empathize easily with others, and may be either leaders or followers. They typically learn best by working with others and often enjoy discussion and debate. They are split into 2 different stages.

Teachers- They have a general knowledge of all types through association with other intellects, but only after being around that person for a certain amount of time.

Students- Are the most common type of intellect and are trained to become advanced in a specific type of intelligence or have a general knowledge of all.

Weakness: If they want to learn something, they cant unlearn it and have to be in an stress-free environment.


This area has to do with introspective and self-reflective capacities. People with intrapersonal intelligence are intuitive and typically introverted. They are skillful at deciphering their own feelings and motivations. This refers to having a deep understanding of the self; what are your strengths/ weaknesses, what makes you unique, you can predict your own reactions/ emotions.

Shifters- They can change their shape, their size, and also alter their appearance. The best ones can even make themselves invisible or change completely to a different person.

Weakness: They can only stay in another form for a couple mins depending on skill level.



This area deals with spatial judgment and the ability to visualize with the mind's eye. A spatial person is also good with puzzles.

Shooters- Are good with guns and different types of projectiles. Essentially, long-range movers, the best of these can create indecipherable traps for their victims.

Weakness: Have to be at least 10 ft away for effect.



This area has to do with words, spoken or written. People with high verbal-linguistic intelligence display a facility with words and languages. They are typically good at reading, writing, telling stories and memorizing words along with dates. They tend to learn best by reading, taking notes, listening to lectures, and by discussing and debating about what they have learned. Those with verbal-linguistic intelligence learn foreign languages very easily as they have high verbal memory and recall, and an ability to understand and manipulate syntax and structure.

“Speakers”- They can communicate with anything that has a spirits and can also read books that contain spells and charms that they can use offensively and a number of different ways.

Weakness: Spells cannot be memorized and has to SPEAK clearly and not mess up or be interrupted.


This area has to do with logic, abstractions, reasoning and numbers. While it is often assumed that those with this intelligence naturally excel in mathematics, chess, computer programming and other logical or numerical activities, a more accurate definition places less emphasis on traditional mathematical ability and more on reasoning capabilities, recognizing abstract patterns, scientific thinking and investigation and the ability to perform complex calculations. It correlates strongly with traditional concepts of "intelligence" or IQ.

“Thinkers” the first discovered type of intelligence and intellect. The can literally bring things into existence to a certain extent.  They conceive things into existence by thinking about it. The first and greatest intellect was thought to even bring people back to life.

Weakness: They need to think about every detail for it to come into existence. They also need to think only of that and not be distracted.

Mythical intelligence:

Natrualistic and Existential/ “Feelers and Seers”- They were believed to be able to control all natural elements and see into the future. However, they’re no known intellects of this kind.


Levels of Intellect:

Moron- Morons are people who, although aren’t in the literal sense moronic, but those who are just your average, every day, normal humans.

Gifted/Intellects- The “Gifted” are the basic level members of “The Society”. Those who have a general to advanced grasp of their abilities and intelligence.







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