Ever seen a real psychic?

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I share this with you, my fellow hitRECorders, because I consider all of you my friends, and you share interesting news stories with friends, right?  This news story is about a 9 year old girl who saved her sister's life.  It brought tears to my eyes and it probably will yours as well.

But, as if the uplifting nature of this story wasn't enough reason already to share this with you,  that's not why I am sharing it.

Watch the whole thing, then come back here and get the time mark by looking at this RECord in full view - not forum view:




6:23 to 6:37


Did Anaiah smile, then point at her sister and say "bless you" to Camry a full 14 seconds BEFORE her sister sneezed?  I haven't read all 4100 comments to see whether or not anyone else noticed this,  but I did.

What do you think?

Created: Mar 24, 2011


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