Suggestion-The Yellow Wallpaper

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Fairly short but when I started breaking the story down as a project of my own, I realized there was no way I could do this by myself. There's a lot of complexity woven into this lovely little text. Charlotte Perkins Gilman revealed that she wrote the story in response to a doctor who told her to live as domestic a life as possible and to limit her dabbles in intellectual life to cure herself of nervous anxieties. To me, the story is essentially an early missive of feminism, challenging the common thoughts of the day as to the female role in society. It also speaks to Victorian beliefs of the causes of mental illness and misguided attempts to prescribe a cure. I divided the text into 30 sections and thought it would be cool to have 30 separate women narrating it, amid flashes of public domain images of milestones in the feminism movement, scenic recreations of the setting in the story, and animated sequences of the woman in the wallpaper (I've got the perfect wallpaper background if someone can turn blue wallpaper into yellow for me).

Created: Mar 24, 2011


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