Continued 2

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The rest is a blur of thoughts and shapes. I awake to the sound of water dripping next to my head. Dripping from a airconditioner working too hard on a summer day. My head is reeling , my body feels like someone took a baseball bat to it, and there she lies, motionless. I stifle my gasp. No memories of how I got to this place, remember damn it. I stand but the motion makes my me feel nauseous. I gag on my own spit-up. Then the smell hits me.  The smell of candles and incense. "Susan?" No response i slide over to her, bending slowly to her chest listening. Hoping, begging that there be something there to hear. What did she slip me? Nothing. Her skin is cold against my cheek. "Oh, god." I say lightly to myself. She looks like a wounded bird fallen from the nest, just cold and motionless with her arms strewn about as if turning in her sleep. I hold my breath as if it would help something . To hear someone in her bedroom other than myself. Nothing. Sliding my hand into my pocket. A piece of paper. That wasn't there before.

Created: Mar 23, 2011


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