it’s never too late // branch / inktober #5

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No fresh tiny poem today. Instead the beautiful words of George Eliot. All her works are in the public domain. I found this quote earlier this year, and it meant something to me, but ‘in this moment’ it causes deep emotion and I share it for all the braves, my friends here on hitrecord and in the real world, who have been / are going through great shifts since summer. It feels like we have been burnt alive in the alchemical process (my osteopath actually said my brain was nothing like she’d felt in the 8yrs she’s been treating me - it was like a ‘shrivelled’ version of itself - and my hair has been falling out in clumps again for the past three weeks!)! The last two months have been close to hell. I had to let someone I love go. For those like me, who are hoping things are about to smooth out in our lives again, you know I’ve been holding you in my heart as always. We shall reap what we have sown. Here’s to little victories! My writing was so shaky, that I went over it again, and spoilt the whole image...but I think now maybe it’s a sign of strength instead...I was determined not to be beaten! Life is full of hardships, but there is collateral beauty, and art is testimony to that. I believe in you. You’ll come through too <3

Created: Oct 04, 2018

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