"REmix Theatre" Host Script (Pilot Episode)

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The following is the script for the pilot episode of "REmix Theatre." It will be acted out by fictional hosts and REmixed into the episode's format. The current dialogue is pretty generic. Feel free to REmix or REvise it into your own style. Just be sure to hit the cues and follow the general format of the intro and outro so the format of the show will remain in tact.

* Please review the " Additional notes" below the script's text once you've read the dialogue and direction notes over.


> Part One: INTRO

(The host walks slowly into frame from the right side of the screen toward the camera into a medium shot. Intro music will slowly fade out as the host appears.)

Host: Good evening. I'm your host  ________. Welcome to hitRECord's REmix Theatre.


(Cut to a close up - front view)

Host: Tonight we present to you a dark and horrific vision of terror.


(Cut to the host turning, still in a close-up shot, into frame - essentially moving the head sideways a bit into an angle from the left - the body should mostly be facing forward)

Host: You can try to run... You can try to hide...


(Cut to the host turning their head to face forward again into the same close-up shot from the previous line)

Host: But you can never escape... THE DEAD.


(The host gives a menacing, but rather blank, stare into the camera as the "Feature Presentation Bumper" begins to play.)


> Part One: OUTRO

(The host walks back into frame from the left - entering the frame from the opposite side as the "Intro" - and steps into a medium shot.)

Host: Tune in next time for another bone-chilling RECord of horror on...


(The host does another dramatic turn to the right into a close-up)

Host: REmix Theatre.


(The host gives another overly menacing, yet blank, stare into the camera as music rolls in and the "End Credits" start.)



* First off, please post any questions to the REmarks section of this. I'll get back to you ASAP. :)

* The script is broken up into two sections: "Intro" and "Outro." The "Intro" occurs after the "Opening Sequence" and the "Outro" begins once the featured video concludes.

* Get as creative as you'd like with your fictional host creation. Keep in mind that screen time is limited, so costume is key to catching the mood of the character right away (old fashioned dark suits for males would be great and a dress from the '50s for females would look cool; of course these are just basic suggestions.)

* The name of your host character can be as ridiculous or modern as you'd like. I've been working on a character for future episodes and it's simply "Jack Forester." Nothing too extreme, but feel free to go over-the-top if you see fit.

* The location for the shoot should (preferably) be outdoors. I think a gloomy cemetery, outside a decrepit house, or in the viney courtyard of an old church would set a good mood. Fog would be an ideal touch. Early morning or early evening would probably be the best time to film.

* If your location is inside, it's all about setting a dark, horror-like atmosphere. Filming in an old attic or basement would be my first two suggestions. Candles and cobwebs are recommended props.

* The whole point of the script is to provide a basic structure for the host. Absolutely feel free to REmix the dialogue and directorial notes as you see fit, but please keep the overall time frame of the original script and stick to the style and tone of the script as much as possible.

* Each "cut" listed in the script should be done in as many takes as possible. Uploading the entire footage in "raw footage" format is essential (i.e. not edited together; please upload it as if it were unassembled b-roll.)

* The premise of the turn-into-close-up shots is to be a bit campy. It exaggerates the dialogue a bit. The directorial notes, as I mentioned before, are just guides. Please act and film this any way you'd like. Just be sure to upload multiple takes and angles (if necessary.)




Created: Mar 23, 2011

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