the wounded bird

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oh wounded bird,

why do you cry to me?

why am i the only one around to care for thee?

why do your feathers attract me so?

how naive am i to always go?

when ample are the healthy birds,

but them i cannot see.

oh wounded bird,

why you string along…

i only wish to fix your wings so you can sing your songs.

i wish the song required two

anything to sing with you.

for now i’ll stay up all the night,

if for one time you respond.

oh wounded bird,

one day I hope to see…

a perfect world with you and me with just one guarantee:

that even with our wings propelled,

that i am certain our hands were held.

but one thing that i’ll plead from you,

please, please, don’t fly back up to the tree. 

Created: Mar 22, 2011


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