the myth I heard....

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their was once nothing... then us..people where here... but their is an old tribe that can walk almost around the earth.. they are always looking for two things.... a mounten, or a man... long ago their was the mt.... an people of this MT would have childen an grow... then one morring their was no mt.. some desided to stay with their huts an not go looking for the MT... others did... they always found it, an it always kept moving away.. mile an leages they would walk an each time a new village would be swept away with a few to old or tider to try or those that could not rember the MT.... time moves on.. as it always trys to... their was a young boy that was born by this tribe.. he arived at the base of the mt at a young age.. he was amazed by the lights an coulers, coming from the top.. In his youths, as others had, tryed to clime the MT... It was forbidden! He grew into a storng willed man, an desided to clime the MT... throw years of climing... the last few years he saw things undescrible... eating what ever he found, an always climing.. he made it to the top of the MT... he saw what no person has seen... their was odd things... making even odder things... he said they where creators... as he watched the frist time as the battle escaled the earth shifted an he found himself no longer on the top but some where on the Mt..... after watching them an their battles between each other,an climing alot more.. he came out an greated them... so baffaled by this they stoped fighting.... "what you'd you make little one?"they laffed he said simply "a storm." each help him make this storm...

Created: Mar 22, 2011


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