Eva Braun monologue

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When I saw your car pull up outside my window, I thought I was just…going to die! I was so excited I tripped over my dress running downstairs. Thank you for coming to see me. I know you’re busy. No--more than busy. I’m sure I can’t even comprehend. What do you want to do? We could go out on the lake on the rowboat. You haven’t seen it yet! It’s, oh, lovely! I’ve been enjoying it--by myself. I haven’t explored out very far though, my legs get too tired. We can do whatever you please, darling. If you need to work, I can…bring you-coffee? I’d be happy to do anything for you! For anyone, I’ve been so bored. You’ve been gone for so long. I don’t even know what you’ve been up to! Quite over my head, I’m sure! I did hear though about the Third Reich’s potential ban on women’s cosmetics and luxuries; or something. I know there is a ban in the Allied countries, though; or I’m not clear. I just know I immediately started saving my favorite lipstick for only special occasions. The red lipstick I was wearing the first day you met me in the photography studio. You were so…sly. You told me--oh--told me my lips looked like a “cherry in the snow.” What if I never wore lipstick again? I’m sure you would just stop fancying me all together. I mean since you won’t let me change my hair-nearly bit my head off when I dyed it a shade darker. I don’t know how else to keep you coming back. Every time it gets longer. I start to have these…bad feelings creep into my stomach. About you. They’re getting harder to swallow away. Adolf, I have been devoted to pleasing you for eleven years. For being beautiful for you when you come home. And plainly darling I think you are insane for prohibiting women’s cosmetics! Of all the guns you men handle I’m surprised you can still shoot yourself in the foot. Do you want your lovers to look like hags? Yes, I use cream to cover up the purple bags under my eyes from staying up nights wondering if you’ll ever come home! I love you more than I can handle anymore, Adolf. I won’t have any hope that you’ll want to come back to me if I can’t even look pretty for you. Don’t you want to keep these lips? All you must do is advise Speer to simply and quietly cease production of women's cosmetics and luxuries rather than an outright ban. Adolf, give me this one thing. I deserve it. And I want it for you. 


Created: Mar 22, 2011


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