Mountaintop by: Brian Hernandez

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His arrival was the day the world got a little more loon
eager to leave his mothers womb
some years away from his inevitable tomb
so he decides to spend his days with laughter
he jumps rather quickly to the next chapter
transformations in his character are monumental
with love ones, he's beautifully sentimental
heart breaks, headaches more than the average
proud to state he needs no kind of bandage
hypersensitive he is, 
for he can hear his thunderous intuition
self-educate is a must,
so he can succeed at his legendary expression
pessimism he knows not
intense, because he cannot be stopped
his chosen path will not allow him to abide
by any means does he strive
cherishing the moments,
for this is his ONE life
his vision near in sight
gushes of wind have struck
mind formidably armed for he creates his own luck
as he runs along lifes bumpy highway
confident he WILL reach that sunny day
"why the fight? It only makes the spirit rot!" they say
"My home awaits..." he replies as he points upward,

Created: Mar 21, 2011


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