"Little Lilly Lemon" by Christy Rose

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Half-past the time the crickets stop chirping & the fireflies stop twinkling in the midst of the Golden Land rises a little Blue Bird named Billy who will start our tiny tale.

“No time for toast and tea for breakfast, Billy,” Mama Blue Bird exclaims, “Hurry now my little one, this day must not be late!”

Every morning it was Billy Blue Bird’s job to flit to Piccadilly Ridge high above the Golden Land to sound kind alarm to the Keeper of the day, Little Miss Lilly Lemon.

Once upon a time it was commissioned in the Golden Rule of the Golden Land that animals from all around resound the blue bird’s recording to send out the morning warning with their very own special sounds!

Here! High at his post, Billy Blue Bird shouts with a tweety-tweet-tweet from the heights of a tall Magnolia Tree kick-starting the grand relay on its way!

With a hoot down a holler an old owl takes wind and gives the call to a tiny little titmouse waiting outside the Lemon Den to relay the bird’s word with a precious squeaky-squeak-squeak:

“Rise up little Lilly Lemon! Dawn is on her way! Pay ear to the song that I am squeaking, for it’s a brand new day.”

With a tiny peep of a yawn into a micro morning stretch, Little Lilly Lemon raises her dreamy head from her soft, feathery bed. She forgot, if not for just a second, as she was startled awake a bit late that she has no time for toast or tea, Miss Dawn just can not wait!

Now out in the middle of the Wishing Pond by her tiny house Little Lilly Lemon stands up on the tip-tip-tippity of her toes..... As tall as she can, she stands, atop a magic stepping rock reaching her arms up in to the fading twilight until it melts away in her hands.  The smallest smile stretches to points ending deep within her sweet cheeks as she slowly begins to twirl and whirl, into a mystical trance.

Twirling and whirling with hands fixed in salute shielding her diamond eyes from Dawn’s early rise.....spiraling...and spiraling....up and up and up!

Beckoning in the morning, she appeared as just a “whir” there, rising to the heavens and then floating back down to earth. She floated down on a cloud of giggles and landed in a tuft of polka-dotted petticoat fluff upon the grassy dew.

Little Lilly Lemon looked to the East, the sky was splattered blue. And there, Dawn was a gleaming ball lazing on the horizon, bursting into an array of rays in clementine & ruby hues!

Just as the shadows on the rocks began to shift, Little Lilly Lemon was to give Dawn one more lift. This time she was more commanding with an even more serious look in her gleaming eyes, Lilly pointed from Dawn to the Pinnacle ordering her to rise!

Dawn laughed at her determination, oh that silly girl! Charmed by the fun & games she rose to the crest of the heavens just to please her Little Miss Lilly Lemon.


Created: Mar 21, 2011


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