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reRECs for week 3.13-3.19.11  I love this photo (car puddle) so much, you get to stare at it while you're not reading (thank you, MattConley!).

*post-edit* I think I was able to fix the links for these; initially there was an extra portion of url that wasn't very tasty. Many thanks for your patience :o)

I meant to complete this last night, but I fell asleep listening to a loop of wirrow's brain trancer (which one, you ask? heh), "dreamdreamdream." Much refreshed (and thoughtful about the dreams I had), my picks for the week are:


1. The Garden (reimagined) by amferraro. Built sturdily around the charming/eerie audio RECord The Garden by lizzienrose (I admit to "hearing" it being used in a Halloween-themed clip), I flailed with joy upon listening to it. It's now on my regular roster of tunes to wake up to.

2. Dual toss-up between Time Machine- MegaMetaMix by Metaphorest and MetaChigMix- Time Machine Song by chigwinkle. This was built up quickly, and the various versions just plain make me giggle.

3. Whiskey Picnic by Babbish. gilliangoodman's poem was taken into a Billie Holiday-esque landscape, complete with rusty blues. I shall admit that I'd love to hear this set to old-school country music (think Johnny Cash & Hank Williams).

4. Welcome to the Shadow World by megancarnes. I giggled when she wrote "this was originally supposed to only be cello and piano... then it just kinda turned into this." Another fine addition to the Shadow Collab, that can be reMixed & ReCycled into many other RECords.


1. The Apothecary's Daughter by ruffedges. Currently a three-part story comprised of RECords 355283, 355894 & 356517, I pretty much got sucked into the initial emotional heave of the story. What's the rest of her story?! I hope there's more (hint, hint, nudge), as it could work well for the base of a screenplay for a film short (well, that's what's rolling in my head, anyway!).

2. Poem Without Words by sfdetroiter. I will say... that sometimes misery is the best company, as you know that someone else is/was hurting just as badly as you are/were. I also support "raw writing." If everything was refined & revised, screens & paper would empty & devoid of emotional connection.

3. Winter Solstice by blbest. I somehow heard this as a rather drawn-out tune with wirrow, Metaphorest, tiafischer, megan carnes, PASIV, TCS, The_Morning_Hallows all making various sounds together. My brain... bears no excuses.


1. Our Friends by janetfelts. A powerful, emotional landmark RECord that pays respect to a horrifying event in modern history, imho. I'd very much like to see this as part of a Collab for Japan (or such title). It's not over; it's "old news."

2. Eros and Psyche by IrmaVep. Every time I look at this, I feel like I've been punched in the little heart-part of my stomach-- which is a good thing, in this case. I would love to have a huge print of this. This RECord was skillfully reMixed into #3:

3. Erotic Psyche by aglow. Holy Heck, bring me a firetruck to put out the fire... If you haven't seen much of speric's work, you really ought to take a gander.

4. My Response by magictorch. A RECord for folks who appreciate abandoned, burnt-out, willfully neglected buildings. This was quickly reMixed into other RECords by EvaButNNo Apple and taffy27.

5. RE-REX (transparent version) by fractaldust. Dinosaur with hitRECord theme. 'nuff said.


1. Wake by sherbethead. I think *gawp* would be the proper expression of what I did, after seeing this. Tight editing & a fine performance by Edward Shallow, accompanied by wirrow's much beloved audio RECord. Outstanding.

2. Matt Conley's SUPER MOON raw footage. Unthinkingly awesome, if not for its reMix possibilities, as well as a treat for those of us (myself included) whose weather didn't cooperate on the Vernal Equinox. Thank You, Matt!

3. just a little idea by Johnnyclyde. I love that he used video to show us who he is while playing (this could be useful for the Emotions Collab, too) what his music is like while in the making, AND he wants to know if we want any more (yes!).

Last but not least (thank you for hanging in there!): Collab(s) of the Week

This is a new nomination for me, as I keep on losing track of what-all is going on, and not being able to keep up is driving me to the nuthouse in a Ferrari.

Poetry Covers by sfdetroiter. I am inspired by other RECorder's writings on a daily basis, so I thought this was a fabulous idea.



So, that's not all, but that's it for me. Cheers & happy RECording ♥

Created: Mar 21, 2011

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