New Beginnings

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I'm sorry that I never got to tell you that I loved you.

I'm sorry that I never go to cheer you on.

I'm sorry I never got to share those moments with you.

I'm sorry but I have to move on.

Becuase you're dead.

You're buried six feet under all the stupid mistakes, and regrets, and apologies.

My red roses of guilt have withered as I visit less and less. 

As the petals fall into the soil, the begin to create new roses.

Roses with love, lust, and adventure.

But yet I visit still, and am happy to see the beautiful roses start to go and cannot wait to see the flowers fully bloom. 

I come to visit you; your smile, your laughter, your worth.

And I remember the good times.

But while I visist still, I will have my red roses to remind me of new beginnings. 

Created: Mar 21, 2011


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