For Those Who Love and For Those Who Weep...

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I have often wondered whether they know how we feel. Do they honestly deny the existence of love? If they accept its existence, then why do they deny how we feel? Must we tear out our hearts and souls and lay it before them for them to finally understand? We would not know. We who never deny its existence know not why we are alone. We, who lying in our beds, feel nothing more than our love for them. Yet they still refuse to accept it. They refuse to acknowledge how we feel. How we hoped they would feel. But they don't...


They break our hearts for their own safety, their own reasons, their own uncertainties. They simply don't understand what it means to "fall in love." They simply think that we aren't "The Other Half. The Fated. The One." They don't understand, but yet, I feel that they are not completely incorrect. The soul wanders to find The One, but never finding. True love dares itself not to exist in our realm. Those who say they have found The One are misguided. And yet, I envy them. I envy their ignorance and fundamental baseless naivety of a brighter world. A better world. A world with no bounds, and where the hypocritical rainbow shines every day on their fairy tale ending. I weep for those who live in this state of denial because they can't imagine the heartbreak that follows, which will inevitably come. The heartbreak that will shatter their idyllic creation and consume them. So I ask them to leave their doubts. Embrace the new day because the monster of envy that grows within can’t stand it anymore.


This cruel world knows not how I suffer due to your fear. Your anxiety. Your aloofness. The world knows that you are ignorant and yet I am still too afraid to face the truth. The truth that your fear, anxiety, aloofness shields me from the pain that is to come. And yet, I care not. Please, I beg you to open your eyes and look at the weeping shadows. The ones who dare not speak out for they fear a broken heart. They seek with their beseeching eyes, asking: Can you tell me how you feel cause it tears at my insides to not doubt the very existence of what has come to me as the presence of love...


Surely they know this. Surely they hear us crying in the night. If they are knowledgeable, then they are cruel. If they are ignorant, then they are naive. We all seek love at the end of the day. Some seem to have found it, but I don't understand how...They respond by saying, "I found The One and the rest was easy. They are my soul mate. It felt right." I feel the same, yet I am left alone. I seek the same, yet I am left alone. I love the same, yet I am left alone. Why must we who love stand alone? Why are they unmoved by our words, our actions, our feelings. If our reason for being is only to suffer this agony, then why do we not turn to death? No, it is because death does not compare to this. Death of the heart is far greater than death of the body. We who seek their company are unable to grasp the empty truth that they aren't there. We who love them for who we perceive them to be are unable to take note the reality that spits in our face.


We cry.

We yell.

We deny.

Yet, we are never able to do the simplest thing that we all must do in the end.


We accept.


Created: Mar 20, 2011


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