Not So Tiny Story Suggestions

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I suggest we take something that is on public domain (so we don't need to deal with any legal issues) and, like Joe said, something that is universal.
I noticed that there are a LOT of "Eros and Psyche" suggestions, but I don't think that is really a "universal story".
When I think of universal stories, or stories that are well known I think of:
-A Christmas Carol
-something by Shakespeare
-Fairy tales by Hans Christian Anderson
I'm Korean-American, and I know that most Greek myths aren't really known in Asian cultures, but Aesop fables and most fairy tales (like Peter Pan, Snow White, etc) are known.
HOWEVER, if I had to pick one story to suggest, I would suggest Don Quixote, even though it may not be universally known because it is a spectacular story.

Created: Mar 20, 2011


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