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/ Lost

There is a young man traveling down a highway. He is not a very experienced driver.  His car is malfunctioning and he cannot use his GPS.

He gets lost:

In a panicky mistaken moment, he takes exit 43 instead of continuing on the road (marked as exit 42).


The next three exits lead to other highways instead of a way back.


Going straight is not much better. He gets off an exit, hoping to turn around on the streets after the other highway and then turn back to the original wrong highway, hopefully leading back toward the correct highway, so he can get back on it and turn around.  It is a rush to get off the exit, cars are pressuring him from all sides to go towards one exit or another, and in all the rush and screeching of rubber tires, he loses his wallet out the window.


The exit leads him to a terrifying underpass in a dark cloudy city.  The city is dark and grim in tone as well as lighting.


He takes a moment to look around outside the car at where he can possibly go.  As he hesitates under the abandoned looking underpass, he notices someone questionable approaching his car, and he looks on terrified, preparing to run over and drive off.   The person (like a window washer in DC) insists on trying to put gas in his car, even though it is only a ¼ tank down and the young guys says no- he gets some in before the young man freaks out manages to get back in his car and start it and take off.  The homeless/poor like person is screaming at him as he drives off for stealing gasoline he sells to live, but the young man has no money.


He takes off and goes down the road toward another exit.  It is also wrong and also leads to a creepy underpass, but this one has lights blinking next to it. He looks over and sees someone standing nearby and gets out of the car, locking it up as he goes. There is something like a little restaurant with a patio built two stories high next to the underpass, right against its wall, actually.  He talks to a young-looking lady who is standing out on the patio there, and he goes on talking to her for a while.  She looks back at the structure and frowns. She brings him some food, and her father who runs the place lets him stay the night in one of the rooms above the restaurant. Her family runs the place. They mean to charge him the same as anyone else on these roads, but as he explains to the young lady while they are outside, he thought it was a gift.  She rolls her eyes when he says he has no money, and offers to help him find the way back so he can repay her.  She jumps in the passenger seat.  Now, they both get lost.


In the next town, she was separated from him somehow, and while trying to get back to her, he gets further lost. A threatening gas-man tries to fuel up his car again, so he freaks out and drives off.


His final wrong exit brings him to a truly frightening place.  As he takes the exit, he passes through a strange barrier and his car gets left behind. He finds himself transported swiftly down a tight little well-lit tube that is covered in black arrows pointing forward- all alone.  He finds himself in a tiny individual room with a movie about to start.  It isn’t even a movie he wants to see.  Plus he’s terrified because he will not be able to pay.  He considers backing out of the room, trying to get back to where his car has been left.  Looking to his right, he sees across another movie room into a game room, where a bored looking game attendant spies him. 


The man perks up and gestures to his table, indicating that if he doesn’t want the movie, he should come and play a game instead. He wants to refuse, because he has found a little bit of money he forgot about in his sock, but it is all he has and he doesn’t want to waste it on games.  He just wants help getting out of whatever weird structure this is, so he can get home and then fix his debts. He is feeling claustrophobic in this hole, the same as his sarcastic game room attendant, who knows how he feels but envies him the option of leaving. It’s clear the game attendant will not help him unless he spends a little money, so he lays down what little he has.


 “Do you play ‘Apples to Apples’?” The young man does, but thinks to himself that he plays it with his friends a very different way than most people. “Wait, how do you play it?” he asks the man as he’s laying out the cards, and as the man starts to answer, the young man panics over the time that is being lost sitting here.  He starts to cry a little and begs the man, please, please get him out of here, hoping his earnestness will soften the attendant’s heart.  It does- the man freezes, looks at him sadly, and nods. Then with a wink and a smile he leads the young man to a place that transports him and his car directly home.


The young man is home for a day or so, when he tells his family he must go again and they agree upon looking at the notice that “that was a lot of gas!” He leaves to set right what he screwed up.  His first order of business is to find Ada, the girl he accidentally stranded so far from home. As he passes that way, he pays off the first gas man.  When he stops for the night at Ada’s family’s place just in case she has found her way home, they inform him that they haven’t heard from her at all.  Her older sister tearfully hits him “Nothing! We’ve heard nothing from her! And you left her out THERE where God knows what could happen to her!” He leaves without staying the night.  He skips the second gas man in his hurry, but vows he will take care of it on the way back.  He gets into the town where Ada was last with him, and finds her.  She is wearing a short blond bob wig and looks more mature.


Ada has been just fine all this time, working in a themed restaurant where she wears wigs and sings silly songs for the patrons.  She has an apartment, and though she longs to go home and misses her family, she admits that she does also like it here- “I’m Twenty EIGHT- no one here knows me as a baby.”  It’s true that relying on herself has caused her to appear and act more adult.  Regardless, she can’t keep people worrying, and she joins the young man on his trip back, helping set his debts right with the gasoline men and the video-viewer- operator.

Created: Mar 20, 2011


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