The world doesn't deserve me

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This is one of my depressed short stories. If you are depressed don't read them!!

Let me know what you think!!!

Hope you like them??


The world doesn't deserve me


As tears flow down my soaked cheaks, I realise that we are all nuthing. we say that happyness, love and joy exsist, but do they realy? Do we even know what they realy mean? Do we act the way we do because we need to feel something?

Is being accepted realy importent when we know that we are hurting someone else? Or is it just that we are just too 'not bother' to even try to wonder how someone else feels when we ever so blatantly hurt them?

These are questions that I ask my self every day and they were my last thoughts befor... I killed my self. I killed my self because this world doesn't deserve me.

It never has and it never will.


By Lara Lanett

Created: Mar 19, 2011


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