For Japan (With Love)

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Japan is the country of my soul (next to Romania). From kenjutsu to literature, history and anime, everything that has to do with Japan is close to my heart. I’m concerned about my friends, one didn’t answer my mail, as I was asking if everything is alright. I got a postcard from another friend, she had sent it ONE DAY before the earthquake, saying it’s getting warm in Japan and that she wanted to come visit Romania soon ( I think that’s what she said…“Nihon ha atataku narimashita. Hayaku Romania ni ikitai desu”). This almost made me cry…


I found MCore’s song really touching and wanted to add to its melancholy by making a short movie using some of my favorite records here. It’s pretty clumsy and I couldn’t edit the audio right…but I tried to give my best.

I have resized some pics in order to make them fit and some proportions may be off, I hope it’s ok.


Soon I will revise this in order to name all resources since there are a lot of them…


Created: Mar 19, 2011


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