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I don't know if anyone remembers shrinkydinks (I used to make jewelry out of it all the time when I was little), but grafix makes shrink film that you can print on! The possibilities are endless. Originally I just wanted fractaldusts' version of again phi heart as a pendant, but then I got to thinking earings and and... and... this happened. There may also be buttons for my next sweater in my future.

I've uploaded my photoshop file that was the best use of one sheet I could figure out (and then you'd get the sizes I made – of course, through my trial and error, I discovered that the shrink plastic I used shrinks disproportionately in width and length so circles became ellipses, so then I changed the image size from 3300 pixels to 2800 pixels and that solved the problem (although I had to move most of the layers to avoid overlap after that), so you might want to do a test run).

So to make your own, get some shrink film, print it out, cut out your shapes, use a hole punch to make your hole for hanging, follow the instructions on the shrink film, and then use a jump ring and ear wire/cord/ribbon (I used old guitar strings for two of the necklaces) and any beads you want. Also, I tended to have to nudge the shapes slightly into perfect circles/even hearts in the 10 seconds of malleability after it comes out of the oven. I also took videos of some of the shrinking action (first time using the video setting on my camera) so you can see the magic. I've uploaded them as results.

Created: Mar 19, 2011


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