Sunday Dancing

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The fields have wet spots following a path as the pounding of lovely little iridescent light bulbs fall from the ski.

The children skip through picking the flashlights out of the plant with no hesitation but wondering where the gold vegetable comes from.

With baskets in there hands it looks like hair woven so fine around the corn. 

The younger kids are wondering why they are picking the gold like crop in the rain.

Squish, Squish as the children dance and try to catch the remains of the clouds.

Parents are laughing as a one kid is trying to catch the silver precious metal of liquid in his mouth.

The bigger kids still are tending the corn and are working ever so hard.

Little tykes are showing their enamel and laughing as they tell elaborate stories about where the rain and golden stalks of corn come from.

Now the deep shadow is up so they stop working and go inside.

They all sit down and eat as a family with the crops they grew.

They’re finished with their bounty and now they head up the mountains steps to go to bed. 

Goodnight Everyone

Created: Mar 17, 2011


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