A Record Revolution!

By Major Thom

This is the first recording of a spoken word version of a poetic manifesto I wrote at Sundance on that first Saturday night at 3 in the morning. Some of the versus start by re-recording some of the most inspiring phrases from Joe's New Deal and the REGULARITY is here and also TeaFaerie and Burning dan's This is Hitrecord and then matching cool rhyming lines with them and some of them I wrote myself. . I envision a mashup of audio from various hitrecorders and also some clips of some of our most beautiful and also world changing records, (Prop 8 etc.) into a audio/visual poem. I encourage remixing/adding to the text as well especially with more spoken word lines of hitrecorders already out there.

Again by ~<3

A Record Revolution!

Created: Jan 26, 2010


Audio Media

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