Justin Boots and Horseshoes

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These boots are probably my favorite pair of footware. I got them Spring of 2008, in preparation for my first summer working at a dude ranch. (A dude ranch is like a resort- vacationing sort of place, where people go to ride horses, and do western sorts of activities.) It was an interesting summer, but my boots were there through it all.

They saw the crazy bosses that I worked for. They were there for the late night bonfires and vent sessions of my coworkers and me. The chilled in the stirrups as I rode along the Trinity Alps and the countryside of Northern California. They stumbled upon roots, as we traversed back to our cabin late at night, after a phenom night of line-dancing with the guests.

Now I enjoy wearing them whenever possible. I refuse to wash them, for I believe they still have some of the dirt from Coffee Creek Ranch stained on them. It was the worst and best summer of my life, and I don't want to forget it. My boots serve as a reminder for me: I made it through that summer, so I can make it through anything.

They also allow my inner cowgirl-at-heart to shine, as I attend a university in the cities. I wear them with skinny jeans and a hoodie, or sometimes even sweatpants. I love my Justin Boots :)

Created: Mar 17, 2011


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