The State of the World

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The smell of rotten chocolate

And disheartened apricots

Flourish in the humid climate

Amidst angry typewriters

And unsatisfied washing machine instructions.


In France, a Bosnian dictionary salesman

Is drinking lime juice at a wine tasting

And in Japan, patriotic guinea pigs

Waving the Argentinian flag

Are debating on the revolt 

Of mandarins and tangerines

Against the tyrannical grapefruit.

Look at the state of the world!


Mammoths and taxi cabs 

Walk side by side,

And cuboid-shaped basketballs

Are winning a lawsuit against

Apple-core flavoured calculators

For, copyright infringement for all reasons.


Misanthropic manatees took over

The film industry a few years back, 

And turned a mass-murdering Elvis impersonator

Into a seven-time Oscar winner

And a pervy Peruvian pornographer

Sold a model of a nine-foot cock

For twelve million dollars, 

To a recently-bereaved platypus.

Look at the state of the world!


Amidst all the shitstorms,

The Depressed manatees,

And the citrus wars,

A man wakes up,

Takes a walk around the neighbourhood,

Surveying his bizarre surroundings

Before saying to himself

"What the fuck happened here?"

Created: Mar 16, 2011


johnsmithfromdesmoines Document Media