My first painting ^_^

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This is my very very first painting ^_^. I’ve never used watercolors or any type of colors before (except Photoshop-colors:). I made it following the instructions from a painting course by DeAgostini.

The painting has no intrinsic value, it’s not creative nor original. It doesn’t compare to the paintings I’ve seen here. Its only value is a sentimental one, since today I’ve overcome my color-phobia :P. I’ve learned a lot, the most important aspect being: NEVER EVER keep the water for the brushes and colors on the same table with the coffee you’re just drinking. Lol :D

I would love advice and suggestions on what I could have done better. Seeing the wonderful paintings on hitRECord made me ambitious, so I started learning :} Thank you for the inspiration!


Created: Mar 16, 2011


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