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My favourite Scottish book of all time has always been, Confessions of a Justified Sinner.  I read it in Uni as a part of my course, and was completely drawn in.  It’s sooooo Fight Club; and way ahead of its time. (It’s been cited as an inspiration for The Case of Dr Jeckyll and Mr Hyde.)

(here’s a link to the Wikipedia article on it:  )

I would personally love it if this were given a good’s a great story, and I can’t believe it hasn’t been re-made a thousand times over.

I think it’s got some great themes that are mirroring what has been going on here at hR, so here’s the treatment.

Basic Plot:

A man named Wringham meets a new friend (Gil-martin), whom he begins to suspect is responsible for various crimes in the city.  Later, he learns that GilMartin does not exist, and it is, in fact, himself who has been committing the crimes.


Though it is a classic Scottish text which draws upon various religious themes (‘Justified Sinner’ is a direct reference to Calvinism and the idea of being designated as ‘saved’ or a ‘sinner’ before death, whereas the Christian ideal is the ‘judgement’ upon the arrival at the gates of heaven),  the concept can be adjusted to omit the religious notations, if needed.

Primarily, I am interested in the descriptions and other running themes in the story, which other hitRECorders have said they’d be interested in seeing developed in the ‘not so tinies...’

Some examples:

Conflict of identity (Wringham vs Gil-Martin; or self vs self)

Moral conflict (crimes were committed)

But also (and mainly),  many of the descriptions of Gil-Martin (only ever given by Wringham, of course) make reference to him as being a ‘shadow’.  I think it would be an excellent way to incorporate many of the already outstanding ideas of the Shadows into the story; specifically by making Gil-Martin the shadow of Wringham.

(There are also descriptions and implications that Gil-Martin might actually be the Devil; and here the theme of mythologies and the metaphysical rear their ugly heads...)

Anybody have thoughts?  Anybody else read it?

I may have to re-read it, even if we don’t do this one...excellent book.


(btw, I have just RECorded from work...I feel so naughty, but I couldn’t wait!)


Created: Mar 16, 2011


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