Remember Me

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Invisible, it's how I feel,

Wandering with no appeal.

I just want to make a mark,

Create just one everlasting spark.


Just one mind to remember me,

To carry on my history.

I do not want to be obscure,

Forgotten in the future.


But how will I obtain this,

My world easy to dismiss.

I must work and hope and pray,

Not in death to just lay.


I just want to plea,

For all to always remember me,

My heart breaks as I dream

That I will be held to no esteem.


Jaded and forgotten I,

Pessimism is my alibi,

I hope, but dash them all the same,

My dreams I consider lame.


How can I overcome,

My world bleak to all but some.

I can't help the darkness I find,

Hidden in my worried mind.


I scream out with lucidity,

"Please, remember me"

But darkness overcrowds my head,

And I may as well be dead.

Created: Mar 15, 2011


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