Collapsing Reality

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That single spark

To cause the methane filled temple to ignite

A fire ablaze

with a single touch of velvet lips Pressed gently against one another

Memories of

 diamond crowns and Tales of small wings of the fairies Emerge from my child like mind

Melted by

 jade irises, And soothing words of forever Caused by loves burning flame  

But the support of weak timber and plastic windows Deteriorate from the inside slowly revealing the

damage of

Unstable disposition and liquefied ideas of promises and commitment

The smoke clears

 amidst the mound of collapsed trust Where support beams once relied on each other

And the falling of one stories lie is the falling of all Lipstick stains and unfamiliar scents

And there I stand  

Left alone

in the debris of a scorched house of shame With only tweezers and a toothbrush to clean The mess

 my open heart

And his tainted love created

Created: Mar 15, 2011


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