Engine (Neutral Milk Hotel Cover)

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This is a cover of a song from one my favorite indie bands from Athens, GA called Neutral Milk Hotel. Jeff Mangum's beautiful words and guitar playing coupled with a strong sense of nostalgia had me instantly hooked the first time I heard this and had to press repeat immediately which led me to listen to the song 50 times in a row until I knew every note played and word sung. The song was originally a B-Side from the Holland, 1945 7" record that was released in junction with "In The Aeroplane Over The Sea" in 1996. With Jeff starting to play shows again, including ATP appearances both abroad and stateside, I felt it appropriate to pay my respects to him and the legacy he has left in the wake of his band's departure from the scene. Fun Fact: The scratchy sound you hear in the beginning of the song is me scraping a pick along the length of a guitar string. This was recorded on garage band with the stock microphone built into my MacBook.

Created: Mar 14, 2011

Tags: neutral milk hotel, lo-fi, cover, acoustic

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