Eros and Psyche Concept Art

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I wanted to sketch out an actual narative scene for Eros and Psyche, rather than simply a picture of the two of them together (really, you'll rarely ever see me used "Cupid" in this regards. Just sayin'). In the story, even though Psyche is not supposed to see Eros's face, they do have sex like a normal married couple and do so for months, so I think of them as having this seed of deep trust between them even though the secret lies there between them. It's really only broken when the sisters come and visit and give Psyche the idea that her husband is the monster the Oracle said he is that there's real trouble, and it reflects that most loving relationships do have a period like this, where the other does no wrong and it's just sweet intimate bliss in their minds. I wanted to capture a moment of that kind of innocent, trusting love between them before the actual problems of their relationship come to (literal) light by having Psyche blowing out the lamp while Eros is at the same time taking off her blindfold. Obvious liberties here, since they met in a dark room in the original story.

Created: Mar 13, 2011


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