The Unlikely Ones By: Mary Brown

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Since this is a short novel, I obviously can't transcribe the entire book, but here is the inner blurb:

Open this novel and embark upon a unique saga of fate and transformation, of trial by adventure,... and a lyrical love story. Enter into an enchanted time and place where great dragons still roam the landscape, animals and humans converse as a matter of course- and where, doomed to a life beneath the save yoke of a witch's curse, an unlikely group of seven heroes, led by a crippled maiden, a knight with a broken sword, and a hornless unicorn, undertake a desperate and heroic quest.

Follow our heroes on their long and arduous journey through substance and shadow, through webs of despair and snares of enchantment- and wrenching temptations of the heart as well as the head. Yet on these precarious testing grounds, each of the seven heroes will discover he or she needs the others to find what they all seek, the creature who (if he exists at all!) alone can restore to them the power to achieve their ultimate destinies.

Suspended in time, where beginning and endings are only a series of points on a richly textured tapestry of their spellbound experience, the unlikely heroes run their gauntlet in a world lavishly furnished with magic stones, walking trees, cannibal trolls, boats with living eyes... Here too, are the licentious and murderous temptations of the Castle of Fair Delights, the horrors of the Midsummer Massacre of innocent animals, and the Face in the Water the brings only Death. For this is the price of passage on the quest: dangers and deceptions without number. And each of our unlikely heroes, with the help of the others, must search out the true secret that flowers in his or her own soul. But their epic quest is also, finally, a journey home. And before it ends, for two of the seven, comradeship has grown into a love to conquer all loves. 


***All in all, this is a really great novel. There are so many characters, creatures, and settings that the hitRECorders could do SO much with. The book isn't too long, and there are absolutely parts that could be left out. It would be amazing to see what hitRECord could do with this classic book. 

Created: Mar 12, 2011


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