Three Favorite Public Domain Works

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When I googled the Public Domain works, I found three classics that I believe each of them can work as a modern re-telling. Below I've listed the three


1.) The Jungle Book- Rudyard Kipling- Reason this can be fun- There are many animals and interesting themes to collaborate and work with.


2.) The Picture of Dorian Grey- Oscar Wilde- Reason this can be fun- The subject of vanity can be really fun with a modern twist. We can make it a comedy, It's a simple and very well known plot line.


3.) Metamorphosis- Franz Kafka- Reason this can be fun- This honestly was my favorite book that I've ever read because I didn't expect the plot line. I think there's a lot to do with it, it is the best timeless classic to work with. I loved the fact that his sister becomes the one in the family that they anticipate to do well because of his new "transition." I thought this was moving and hilarious and so absolutely relative to life in general. So relatable, and such a wonderful european classic.


These are three famous authors which have written great and relatable timeless classics. I would love for us to work on any of these. 

Created: Mar 12, 2011


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