Trickster cycles

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Prometheus stole fire, and Raven stole the sun. Coyote gave animals names, and Hermes gave humanity music.

Every culture has a trickster, someone who moves between the lines, crosses boundaries, haunts the crossroads at dusk, shakes up the order of things, lives by their wits instead of their fists: Eshu, Loki, Maui, Scherazade, Ananzi, Wisakedjak, Reynard. Tricksters belong to everyone, and in every time. Think of Salvador Dali, Jack Kerouac, the Guerrilla Girls, Anonymous, Banksy, Wikileaks, the guy who threw his shoe at George W. Bush. Tricksters have staying power because they're just like people: passing effortlessly between genius and idiocy, getting into and out of trouble, moving the world and creating beautiful things (sometimes by accident).

At the heart of every trickster story is this: once, there was someone with all the power, and someone with none. The trickster shifted the world until the balance was a little more equal.

I know this isn't quite what was requested, but Joe asked for timeless appeal and deep resonance, and everyone has at least a little bit of a trickster in their heart. I think it'd be amazing to see what people came up with when making their own trickster cycle.

Created: Mar 12, 2011


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