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sorry if i did this incorrectly. Here are some i feel are absolutely amazing!!

1. fish by SarahMacLeod Its a painting/inkblot that is so simple but simply perfect just how it is.. the colors, the medium, and how it makes me feel. the color frequency's reach all the right spots.

2.beautiful mess by kisskissfantastic this is a song that i would listen to in my daily life, i enjoy every aspect of it! the meaning and feeling behind the notes, its just a wonderful song!

3.I Have....NO CATS by tonguecutsparrow cracks me up, by the end of the song i was singing along and then imagining the person behind the voice! it took me through a small adventure and i realllly enjoyed it!

4.Famished (Very Tiny Story) by Metaphorest a very tiny story, that in 4 small words made my imagination go wild!! not to mention ive always loved unicorns!!

5.Stitchpunk [coloured] by Neithan a amazing image that reminds me of so many wonderful experiences. its reminicent of some of my favorite movies like Howl's Moving Castle and Nausicaa :) im not sure how to add the links and such, i need to brush up on my computer skills? :/

Created: Mar 12, 2011


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