(Not so) Tiny Story Suggestions

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3 suggestions (I've seen these already suggested but hey, it's all about solidarity)

1. Alice in Wonderland Didn't Joe mention a while ago about doing a collab with this story? The possibilities could be endless with what you guys have in mind for this project(artistically and musically). with the artists that belong to this wonderful community a pretty wicked wonderland can be created. (I'd like to see Joe do his best Cheshire Cat ;) )

2. Midsummers night dream: The story is filled with magic and the different stories that are all intertwined make for a great production and again with this community's talent the possibilities are endless in creating the story. I did the play in school (twice I think actually) but because of the lack of funds in our school drama dept., lets just say the play was less than par. Anyways,  The play is a fantastic story and I fell in love with it BUT because its Shakespeare, he had his own language, everyone I knew who read the play needed either had to read it over and over to understand what the hell he was saying or read cole's notes (REMIX!) write the play in the style of Morgans language or create a new way of writing the script.

3. Wizard of Oz: This suggestion doesn't even need an explanation :)


So excited about this project and I would definitely travel to the Big Apple from Canada to see it! (AND contribute!)

Also, I just have to make it known, as I wrote the suggestions, watched the vid while wearing my new I HEART HITRECORD Tee! so we know the suggestions are gold...its because of the shirt...




Created: Mar 12, 2011


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