An Aesop Mix Tape

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I am in love with Aesop's Fables and the collection is overflowing with the most classic, widely used stories of all time. It's kinda like our own published collection of Tiny Stories, but these have been around forever. So, I was thinking:

Since we can't just pick one fable because it's too small for this collaboration, we could pick maybe 10 or 15 fables, RE-tell them, RE-enact them, give each a delicious musical score... and for it to actually be a well integrated Not-So-Tiny Story, perhaps we could have all characters inevitably meet or become connected in the end. I am thinking within the lines of a multi-story theme like in (forgive me for using this as an example) Love Actually. Where character development is rich and focused (just like in Aesop's Fables), but without the audience knowing it, they are actually all connected.

In the end, it would end up as a Not-So-Tiny Story for the main reason that it's an integrated, deeply connected flow of several tiny stories.

This might sound cheesy for some of you, but I'll just put it out there just in case this brings better ideas :) Here is the link to the complete list of Aesop's Fables on public domain:

Created: Mar 12, 2011


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