The Gadgeteer

By GinPen

If you’d have looked up from the screen of your portable device
instead of wand’ring mindless, eastward, minus wonder,
you’d have noticed it stopped raining, that the weather is quite nice,
and there’s no need for the hood that you are under.

And if you’d exposed your shrouded noggin to the broader picture
as you texted past the corner of fifth street,
your day would have been made: you’d have become a little richer
when you saw the twenty dollars at your feet.

And if you gave your thumbs a rest, got your chin out of your chest—
if your electronic bonds became unfurl’d—
I am surely not mistaken; I know you would be taken by
the hunger with which I devour the world.

If you’d have opened up the windows to your soul and let me in
instead of downloading the latest Twitter app,
you might have wanted to unzip me and step into my skin,
you might have seen me as confection to unwrap.

The magnetic pull between us might have caused you to inhale,
and then the dewy smell would make you reminisce;
and your memory combined with the flutter in your mind
may have caused you not to think, but just to kiss.

You might have used the twenty dollars to buy both of us lunch,
and then discovered that we both were sloppy eaters,
but you miss the opportunity. Instead you remain hunched,
and you walk yourself into a parking meter.

The Gadgeteer

Created: Jan 25, 2010


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