The Box

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The bright sun shining on a fisherman. The fisherman waits inside his boat, waiting for the daily dose of life to get into his net. He sits there, peacefully. Without a care in the world. He's a small man. His face is filled with wrinkles, and has a mix of grey in his black hair. He stares into space, breathing the wonders of air into his lungs. The wind blows ever so gently on his face. He smiles to himself. He seems content.

The net begins to quiver and shake. The fisherman jumps with excitement. He goes over to the net, and pulled the net in with his might. However, the net brought something different that day. It was not a fish. It was a box. The box had a lock on it. The fisherman gets curious and wonders. What if this box has coins and amazing treasures?, he thought to himself. He puts it aside to bring it back later, and continued fishing for the rest of the remaining day.

The fisherman arrives on the shore around evening. The sun is setting. The orange glowy light can be seen over the horizon. The fishes are brought to a freezer to be kept fresh for the market. The fisherman breathes a sigh of relief as the day is done. He walks into his room bringing along the box. The box looks antique, mysterious, and has this unusually subliminal design to it. The fisherman is dying to open up the box, so he took out a hammer and smashed the lock to pieces. The box is free.

The fisherman, with his heart racing like rats running in tunnels, slowly creaked open the box. And lo and behold, there was nothing. Nothing except a piece of paper. The fisherman was quite disappointed at this moment. At that moment, something took hold of him. He gets drowsy and sleeps.

He wakes up in the most violent manner. He hears thunderous booming sound. He gets up from wherever he's lying down. His mind is confused. He doesn't feel as if its his body that he's using to move around. He heads to the stairs heading out to the deck. He hears screams from above. He heads out and he saw something that made he has never seen in his life.

The biggest waves from the sea as high as buildings are heading towards the boat. The captain seems to yell out orders to his crew. Nobody is responding to his orders. The strong sea breaks the main mast. The boat rocked more stronger than any waves he had ever experienced. Clouds piling near the surface of the sea. Bursts of lightning can be seen beyond the cloud. The wind is taking the ship straight towards the thunderous clouds.

As the ship gets nearer towards the cloud, everything became silent. The sea was quiet. The ship is in a fog. He could not have foreseen such events, but he knew his time is almost ending. The only thing that he's thinking of, was his wife crying and begging him to not leave.

He runs down to the ship's hold. Found a piece of paper, and writes down something. As he finished writing, he took a box that his wife bought for him. A tear fell down his cheek. He kissed the paper and puts it in inside. He closed the box and puts a lock on it. He heads back out to the deck.

The whole crew stood there. As if nothing happened, in a state of trance. Fear taking hold of them. He doesn't understand this unusual weather. The captain looks to be screaming. But nothing came out. He stares at the fog. A flash of bright light hits the ship. Death awaits all of us, he thought.

The fisherman gasps for air as he wakes up from the dream. He was panting and tried to breathe normally. He couldn't believe what he just experienced. He looked in the box and found a piece of paper. This piece of paper looked old and there lies, a letter to someone:

The ship is at a point where it will be destroyed,

In a matter of minutes.

Nature angers over us,

The sea is strong.

My life is almost at an end.

My time is limited.

My love.

I hold you dear to my heart more than anything else in the world.

My mere existence is pointless without you,

I should have listened to you.

If I had the chance, 

I would try my very best to make you more happier than anything
I would try to be there for you everyday,
I would try and enjoy that beautiful smile you have.

You are all that is beautiful in this world,
You have given me all the joy and love,
That I have never thought I deserved.

I love you my dearest.


I will keep this letter in a box,

If you ever receive this letter,

This is my last letter to you,

Goodbye my heart, my love, my soul. 

The letter ends there. 

And so, the identity of the nameless sailor that took off in search for something was never known. The fisherman goes fishing at the same spot he found the box. Reminiscing of the fallen sailor, every single time he goes there. Says a prayer for him so the sailor may find peace and love. Wherever he may be. 

Created: Mar 11, 2011


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