Andromeda's Lament

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I’m not here to tell you to hate your parents. Nor am I here to tell you that you should love your parents (however, you still should).

No, instead I’m going to tell you about a girl named Andrea.

Andrea is a beautiful girl with silky hair and wide eyes- the kind of girl every girl envies. Her beauty is comparative to that of Andromeda and even Aphrodite. In fact, Andrea is so stunning; she even prides herself in it. She is the kind of girl that leads perfectly respectable boys to their doom, drooling and pining after her affection.

And if her beauty isn’t enough, Andrea has no “evil” stepsisters or stepmother. Andrea has never known pain. Andrea has never had to lift a finger. Andrea has everything and yet, none of it is enough.

 Andrea is eight. “No, Andrea. We can’t get that for you; we haven’t got the money,” her father explains calmly. This leaves him with Andrea throwing a tantrum and thrashing in the passenger’s seat on the way home.

Andrea is sixteen. “Andrea, please put your dirty laundry in the laundry basket,” her mother requests gingerly. All her mother receives is a roll of the eyes and a bitter, “yes, mother.”

Andrea is twenty two and living with her parents still. Unable to get into college, unable to find a job, she sits at home; convinced it is her parents’ lack of care that she is still at home.

 Andrea is twenty five and her parents have decided enough is enough. She has been ousted by her parents. For days, she roams the streets, wondering how her parents could possibly deny a face as beautiful as hers. So conceited she is that she dares call herself the most beautiful woman alive. Andrea is so conceited that she doesn’t even see the car on the road, heading straight for her.

And her Perseus never comes to save her.

Created: Mar 11, 2011


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