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I hate returning phone calls/leaving messages on peoples' answering machines. I get really nervous and often times have to rehearse what I'm going to say before saying it.

I am not the type of person who can just 'wing it' or improvise. I always need a script of some sort. (spontaneity is something I've gotta work on)

I like chilling with my family. I don't see how some people can't like family functions/parties. I love 'em! (Both the parties and my family, of course) free food? don't mind if I do!

I'm a sucker for lame jokes.

Cheesy/corny pick-up lines are the best. I'm pretty sure I'll have more luck picking up a guy than him picking me up hehe

I laugh at my own jokes...I should really stop doing that. Actually on the topic of laughter, I sometimes feel the sound of my laughter happens to be funnier than the actual joke I tell.

When I'm retelling a convo I had with someone online (ie: MSN, FB chat), I have to physically type out things on an imaginary keyboard.

I love quotes. Especially the really inspirational/motivational ones :)

I make to-do lists on a daily/hourly basis. It's a shame I don't follow through with half of them.

I have an affinity towards Jewish actors. Don't ask why, I just do.

I randomly say gangster terms/phrases aloud that are often uncalled for...Holla!

I have a sexy, raspy, husky voice, if I should say so myself... (ok, maybe not so much...more often than not, I'm asked if I'm sick/have a cold and more often than not, the answer is No.)

I used to eat my cupcakes from the bottom to the top, leaving the icing bit last.

I love using sticky notes.

I like formulating handshakes! And nicknames. And codenames...

I don't like posing 'creatively' for pictures. I prefer taking 'nice/normal' pictures. I kinda have a default smile...

I've been told that when I sleep, my position resembles that of a corpse.

I have this strange tendency to stand up whenever I have to cut something (like with scissors). I seem to have the inability to do so whilst sitting down.

I'm 19 and already a Godmother to 3 precious children :)

I like to make piles of things. I try to mask the clutter in my room by creating a facade and making everything seem neat and tidy in organized piles when really, they're piles of my junk. 

I make some contacts in my phone under celebrity names to freak people out. Yeah, that's right, Leonardo DiCaprio and Adam Brody text/call me on a regular basis ;) Nbd.

I don't have a middle name.

It has come to my attention that I've two moles in my right eye. Or rather, on my eyeball...I never really noticed it til someone pointed it out one day; I always thought 'twas merely some residual makeup or perhaps even just another part of the eyeball. But I guess I was wrong o.0

I was a ballerina for eight long years...about two years after I had quit dancing, I moved on to the drums. 'twas a rather random transition, I'd say. From grace and poise to rockin out like a rockstar. That's how I roll!

Oh, I was born approx 3 months prematurely. I was supposed to be born in Feb of '92 but instead decided to pop out in Nov of '91 (guess I'm a keener!)

Created: Mar 10, 2011


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