Fade In (Script)

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Soon to be shot by Cameron Smith but we'll need lots of help with animations and footage and all sorts! Will keep y'all posted! :)

             FADE IN:


          A BOY and a GIRL barely visible in the dark. They seem to be
          sitting in space. Perfectly quiet. Perfectly still.

                    It started with a story. With two
                    souls who told each other tales in
                    the inky, twinkly, infinite black
                    of before.

          The girl peers out into the black, afraid. The boy puts his
          arm around her, smiles to cheer her.

                    I wish there was something beneath
                    me. Something soft between me and
                    the bottomless nothing.

                    How about a bed of gold dust? A
                    soft carpet to embrace you.

          And beneath and around them, an endless golden sand sparkles
          into sight.

          The girl perks up a little, smiles at the boy.

                    And above us? What there?

          The boy thinks.

                    A soft wash of colour - far, far up
                    to give us room to walk about
                    without banging our heads.

          The girl nods.

                    And the shade will change with


                    We will mark out hours, days and
                    seasons with colors! So that as
                    well as this infinite now, we will
                    have tomorrow too!


          And the inky black lightens to an azure blue. The shining
          globe of the sun appears too - to mark this new 'time'. The
          pair stand, excited now.

                    And there will be great growing
                    things to keep us dry and house us!

          A tree appears behind.

                    And beautiful trinkets all around!
                    Magical objects to keep us safe, to
                    help us live!

          A shell, a rock, wild grasses appear where there was

          And they look around the shining desert that they have
          created and smile. Then sit again. And the girl again looks

                    Before there was nothing but
                    black..now there is nothing but
                    sand. What if we are thirsty? Or if
                    we are too warm?

          The boy smiles, a glint in his eye.

                    And there will be a shimmering blue
                    giant, deep and calm to cradle us
                    when we are tired, cool us when we
                    are warm.

          The boy turns the girl around to see the great blue expanse
          of the new-formed ocean. She gasps at the beauty of it.

          The boy and girl embrace, sharing in the awe of what they
          have created.

                    Is it finished?

          The boy looks at the girl and is just about to say
          something...when we pull back from the scene and all turns
          twinkly black again.

                    And on the other side of their
                    invented ocean, were a million more
                    just like them. Telling tales of
                    forests and plains, meadows and
                    marshes, waterfalls and wonders -


          Montage of shots of various natural beauty spots and

                              NARRATOR (CONT'D)
                    - and every part of every place and
                    that, my friends was only the
                    beginning of the story...we are the
                    tale tellers now, the weavers of
                    dreams and the dreamers who believe
                    in building worlds out of words.
                    Because, after all, the universe is
                    not made of atoms..it's made of
                    tiny stories.


          FADE OUT

Created: Mar 10, 2011

Tags: creation myth

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