NEW PROJECT - Thats been waiting for this project!!!

By jme amund

Imagine there are no terrorists of any real magnitude? this is a script that i started years before 911, its title was/is " Alla All The Way" its about two terrorists, adam sandler & john turroro a nice nutty mix. well they come to new york and fall in love with two female actresses and never complete there mission, as they discover the world lives in new york, and america is a really fun place! ... so then i had big plans for this movie, but maybe its better all of us at HITRECORDS join forces and make a totally nutty light hearted spoof on this theme. the title alone will make this movie happen, well what do i know? i meet the art director of hit records and he liked the idea so he is a contributor but ive forgotten his name, ill find his card and place it here when i can. the image shown of the hot girl is michelle nielson, one hot babe no intention here but to get your interest, sorry for that? oh ya i meet JOE! so i guess hes our leader! to JOE - hey joe i was the guy who yelled out on sunday night at sundance that you were great in 500 days, and thank you for this project, its going to create a list of totally new wonderful film projects.
i can imagine the characters and scenes could be cut from multiple sources the charters could change with each cut were this to happen continually one might follow the story line and dialogue as usual but we may discover that the charcters would assume a new kind of person, a person made from what all of us share in common, that we are all very much the same a humans, could this have Zen qualities i'm not sure. This concept will work well i believe, not to mention allowing the reuse of miles of valuable interesting footage that we could draw from, that before now could never have been accomplished in quit the same way before now, thanks to JOE our leaders new company. so then i hope some of you might fine this crazy project interesting, if so please tell your friends here about it and hope to hear from some of you. Thank you for your time sincerely Jme Amund. my info:

NEW PROJECT - Thats been waiting for this project!!!

Created: Jan 25, 2010


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