I Need YOUR Input!

By PrettyWAK

Are we recording? I am... going to... hitRECord. Read on my friends.

This weekend I'll be making “A PrettyWAK REC-ularity” - a video highlighting amazing, fantabulous things on the site.

I’d love your suggestions as to what to feature: maybe it’s an old favourite ongoing project; a new or obscure challenge; an outstanding new member; an excellent record you wish you could heart twice; your HitRECord crush (ha!); a HitRECord song you can’t get out of your head; a rad random record ... anything, let me know!

Please comment below ASAP/ this weekend starting Friday 8 June.

Big love,

Ps. I hope someone sees this poor little text record otherwise it’ll be me lip syncing “You’re Not The Only One”.

I Need YOUR Input!

Created: Jun 08, 2018

Tags: request, regularity, features, record, re-rec

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