iFear Our Shiny, White Future

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Today's doodly comic was inspired by my trip to the Verizon store, wherein I met and tested my very first iPad. And I did not like it one bit. And my back hurt from the unnatural hunch I had to develop to look at the screen.

Normally, I'm a big pro-technology person, but I don't like a lot of the new technology that's coming out, especially fthe bi-annual Apple iSomething. It makes me feel irrationally old fashioned for wanting a free-standing screen and fully functional keyboard. But I don't know. Maybe I find Apple products sinister because they all look to me like they belong on the Death Star.

(By the way, my height is not comic exaggeration. When you're 4'11", everyone really is just that much taller than you.)

Created: Mar 08, 2011


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