Tiny Panda Big Pyramid: Part One

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This minature man appraised his feat with his deep white perception, his mind of course praying it would dislocate such a comprehension from his sentiments. The pyramid raised it's glossy head like a geometrical God over the desert, beckoning the man to reach its formulated secrets. Mockingly, the sun was peaked at the tip, shadowing down on the small man. He was none to be if not a man, but a ripe. However his oats unsewn, he grappled with his hands and lept to the first ledge. Heaving his body with an enormous countenence that only hallucination could hope to countertype.

As the day ambled by on it's long columns, the man was still seen climbing his computative adversary. Though now long drops of salted courage dripped from his brow and his beef grew taught with every cast. He began to whistle a merry tune. Alas, the sun and the tinny desert could not even fathom what such a tune was (thiers existing as the dusting of bones and the pines of the dead) and the pyramid bowed down. The man wriggled his shoulders in confusion and continued up on his way. Throw by throw it became easier, and the hovering vultures cawed in sync with his optimistic aria of dauntlessness, determination, and dash. 

Laugh laugh, he cried at the bald-headed winged things. Toss, toss, went his hands and feet when he finally encountered a small bug. A bug, he wondered? How did such a small exoskeletoned being come to exist on this pyramid? It filled him with astonishment and heartfelt happiness he seized it with such excitment and placed it neatly on its shoulder. 

Why thank you my gentleman, that was quite a walk.

The man jumped. Why heaving hopes the insect spoke!

Why yes I can speak, I'm speaking to you.

The man blushed, How you honor me.

The bug shrugged it's little shruggable shoulders.

Why shouldn't I, you are ever so handsome and brave, and you are just the plumpest maturity I could aspire to.

Althewhile this tattering tale continued on, yet the man did not ascend. Instead he sat, and stared at his partner with such a lovingly gaze.

Created: Mar 08, 2011


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