Musical Writing- Distance Between Us; Dylan Patrick-Smith

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A hit.

A hope.

A feeling of help.

Loving this is easy as long as you try your hardest to feel everything.

Hope comes in all sorts of fashions she said

He said nothing is easy

She loved the flowers

He loved his change

Giving something is worth the effort she persisted neverendingly

He shook his head, didn't understand, why would someone be so instistent. 

Forgive me he hoped

I think your beautiful lady

but I can't accept that people live in the world like this

She shook her head and smiled

You are you in the world, can't you change that?

He wondered, always thinking of others

What could happen if he considered is needs

She laughed her musical laugh 

Note note secret secret

Up and down she nodded in her sleep

He watched fascinated

One at a time she insisted

When he did the dishes

You see this was grand until she seemed sad

Until she seemed lonely


He asked her 

About love and hope

Her answers had changed

She lost her scope

She explained that he knew nothing of what she felt

So she let it go to be with him

What had happened?

HE had become her in thier own way of love.

Created: Mar 08, 2011


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