anyone like paper boats?

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so a couple weeks ago i got into the strange habit of making paper boats. really, really tiny paper boats. and over time they kept getting smaller and smaller and smaller, until they really became almost invisible. i guess their beauty is that they can be so easily hidden in plain sight. smaller than a pen-cap, a penny, and the fingernail of the pinky, they can hide just about anywhere.

so here's the project. already i've made like a hundred of these little guys and placed them all around the city of richmond. i don't expect anybody to find any of them, because honestly, if i drop one on the floor at home, it's almost impossible to find. however, i'd like to find a way to maybe spread the idea farther, putting them in more and more cities, and maybe getting some high-res photos of them setting sail in the coolest places. i don't own a decent camera, so i have no way of getting good photos, but i'm certain some of you out there do.

who wants in?

Created: Mar 07, 2011


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