POEM: A Teapot of Cuddles

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I learnt not to think too big

But it's impossible to think about you

And not get grand ideas.

I learnt not to fall too hard

But does it count

If you're falling on something this soft?


I learnt not to stare at the sun too much

But I looked for so long at the light

That it turned into the moon.

I learnt not to sleep too long

But surely it doesn't count

If I'm in your arms?


I learnt to do, not think

But surely thinking about doing you

Is the best of both worlds?

And I tried to stay sane

But being mad about you

Is much more fun.


They tried to teach me 

Not to fly too high

Not to swim too deep

But in here

All I can see is light.


Last year I was lonely

I was waiting for someone

I wanted somebody to love

And looking back through the poems I wrote then

I finally know who they're written for.


Just a little poem I wrote for the very lovely lady in my life right now. I love her an insane amount... And thus is this very insane little poem. The teapot is her, because she is filled with both tea and cuddles... 


Created: Mar 06, 2011


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