hitRECord and live it up!

By theartofoneness

To be honest I was in awe when I first arrived to this site only hours ago. I saw on a blog post that Joseph Gordon-Levitt himself had put together this very cool collaboration website. As soon as I got here I wanted to know more and there a video did await with Joseph describing to me the very essence and process of the site. I am a freelance illustrator and designer professionally so something about it really spoke to my creative side.

After my first few hours I started to get the feel for how free and open this creative process is. No longer do I feel that itch when I take videos to construct myself something special. Now I only wish all media were like this. Information would truly travel faster and as Joseph said in his newest Regularity Record that does seem like the future.

They say that infinity does not exist in time but rather infinity is the depth of this moment. This site really offers such depth in the moment that its mind boggling. Its so new conceptually that one has trouble seeing themselves in its turning wheels. The only real way to explore and discover it for yourself is to sign up and participate. Feel out the space around you and find your groove. Challenge the standard ways and move into new waters on a boat made of collaborative efforts. Even at this point I can see this site as waves of people moving in unison.

This site feels like a very futuristic place. Where creativity flows and its all given with love and freedom. Where else do people contribute with open arms? The world is material and money hungry and i think this mindset bares rotten fruit. Its time we open our eyes and join in, here and now, to a real living momentum.

There is freedom in these walls

hitRECord and live it up!

Created: Jan 25, 2010


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