Where is the sky?

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No more drama for this life, enough with this tyrant

I will part the oceans all by myself

and if that means to drown, please excuse my move,

and if i am drinking again to your name and getting drunk

then blame me.

I can't face any more traumas love, someone else should get that reward

If this is what im meant to see then i will see this miracle myself

And if i drown in the name of love, then please excuse my move

because im thinking of getting drunk, drunk in your name

Blame me again.

I can't stand crying anymore, tonight i cried my eyes out

i will throw myself in the emptiness and find my own skyline

and if you see me topping myself, then excuse my move.

Or else i'll fall and die. 

You can blame me all you wish.

Created: Mar 06, 2011


IslandProphet Document Media